User Fees – Update from the Alliance for Aviation Across America

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure recently passed its FAA funding bill and it contains no “user fees.” Instead the Committee unanimously voted to fully fund FAA modernization exclusively through the proven, existing fuel tax system. The Alliance and leading members of America’s aviation community endorsed this common sense approach. While this is an extremely positive development, the battle is far from over. As you know, in May, the Senate Commerce Committee considered a proposal for FAA reauthorization that contained a new “user fee” tax on general aviation. Now, the Senate Finance Committee is considering its own bill for FAA reauthorization, and one of the Subcommittees will be holding a hearing this week to consider the potential impact of this proposal on general aviation. It remains uncertain whether the Senate Finance Committee will endorse the House approach, or overhaul the existing system in favor of new FAA fees and taxes and a giant tax cut for the major, commercial airlines.

What you can do:

Now that the Senate Finance Committee is considering its own proposal for FAA reauthorization, Senators need to hear from YOU, their constituents back home, on why it is crucial that they support a proposal for FAA reauthorization that follows that common-sense approach contained in the House proposal.

Specifically, please help us to get out the word to Senators and tell them the following:

  • General aviation supports the approach taken by the U.S. House in H.R. 2881, which preserves our efficient, reliable fuel tax system, and does not unfairly target small businesses and communities that rely on small aircraft.
  • That you reject S. 1300, or any overhaul of the current system that would result in a huge tax giveaway for the big, commercial airlines, and new, unfair taxes and fees on general aviation.

Please call (866) 908-5898 to be automatically connected with your
Senators’ offices (you may hear a few seconds of silence while you are being connected).

Click here to ask your Senators to support the approach taken in H.R. 2881.

Thanks for all your efforts, and we look forward to continuing to work
with you to defeat any unfair fees and taxes on general aviation!

Alliance for Aviation Across America

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