Compiled and provided by Teresa Ishikawa, Aviation Planner, Caltrans Division of Aeronautics

AB 243 (Runner): “Aircraft Jet Fuel Tax: Exemption”: Existing law imposes a sales and use tax on aircraft jet fuel, which generates revenue for State and local general, public safety, and transportation funds. This bill would exempt aircraft jet fuel sold to an air common carrier of property or persons at an airport in an enterprise zone from the sales and use tax. AB 243 would exempt aircraft jet fuel from the State General Fund portion of the sales tax (currently 4 ? %), but would retain the local sales and use taxes imposed on jet fuel (up to 3 ? %). AB 243 was “held under submission” in 2001 in the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation, due to budget considerations.

AB 1436 (Correa) and SB 703 (Perata and Bates): “Military Base Reuse: Orange County”: AB 1436 would prohibit the annexation of any inhabited property on El Toro to any city, until El Toro has been transferred to the local redevelopment authority recognized pursuant to California statute. SB 703 would establish a new reuse entity for El Toro, contingent on voter approval of “The Orange County Central Park and Nature Preserve Initiative” on March 5, 2002. Composition of the reuse entity and certain planning activities are established in SB 703. AB 1436 is pending on the Senate Floor. SB 703 is pending in the Senate Committee on Local Government.

AJR 31 (Thomson): “Terrorism Funding”: This resolution would request Congress and the President to enact legislation to provide funds to state and local governments for increased security measures since September 11, 2001. AJR 31 has not yet been assigned to a policy committee in the Assembly.

SB 656 (Knight): “Military Base Retention”: SB 656 would establish the Military Base Retention Authority Act, to include single reuse authorities for retention planning for military bases. A list of military bases in SB 656 includes several existing aviation facilities, but does not contain any that are proposed for closure or realignment. SB 656 is pending in the Senate Committee on Local Government.

SB 822 (Poochigian): “County Sheriffs: Search and Rescue”: The sheriff of each county has search and rescue responsibilities. This bill would specifically include searching for persons in missing or downed aircraft. The sheriff may transfer this responsibility to another agency or jurisdiction through a written agreement. Any expense incurred in the activity would be considered a proper county charge. This bill was scheduled for hearing in the Senate Committee on Local Government, but the hearing was canceled at the request of the author.

SB 865 (Polanco): “California-Mexico Border Infrastructure Financing Authority”: Population growth along the California and Mexico border will lead to “escalating infrastructure deficits” by 2020, including airports. This bill would create the above authority, which would be required to issue revenue bonds for construction of infrastructure. Projects would be revenue-generating, such as air cargo facilities. The bill is pending in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations.

SB 869 (Karnette): “Department of Transportation: Airport Assessment Study”: Under existing law, Caltrans is responsible for developing a California Aviation System Plan. This bill would require Caltrans to conduct a needs assessment study on airports, including an airport inventory, capacity of airports for air traffic, projected growth of the airports, planned airport expansions, and infrastructure evaluation. SB 869 was scheduled for hearing in the Senate Committee on Transportation, but it was canceled at the request of the author.

SB 1053 (Knight): “Centennial of Flight Program”: Under existing law, the California Department of Education (CDE) is required to assist school districts in developing an aviation education program. SB 1053 would emphasize, in that aviation education program, materials to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight. CDE would be encouraged to use resources from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission. School districts are encouraged to integrate aviation into mathematics, science, social studies, and vocational training, and to work with NASA centers in California. SB 1053’s 2001 hearing in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations was postponed.

SJR 17 (Vincent): “Federal Interstate Highways: International Airports: Schools”: SJR 17 stated that airports and freeways have a “significant detrimental impact on adjacent schools”; the resolution suggests that billboard revenue could offset the detrimental impacts. The resolution urges Congress and the President to establish a “Federal Transportation Impact Assistance Program” for schools located within two miles of an international airport, or adjacent to federal-aid highways. The resolution passed the Senate and is pending in the Assembly Committee on Transportation.

SJR 24 (Knight): “Military Base Closures”: The author states that additional military bases will close in 2003 and 2005. This resolution would advocate the continued existence of military bases in California through the next round of base closures. The resolution has not yet been assigned to a policy committee.

Editor’s Note: The above information can be researched further by going to www.leginfo.ca.gov and using the features for bill searching in the House and Senate. These tools also allow users to determine the voting history of legislators with respect to bills as they pass through various stages of legislative development. How accountably cool…