CalPilots Board of Directors

In compliance with current Bylaws (dated 10-04-2014), 15 leaders are elected by the membership to 2-year terms: President, 6 Regional Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and 6 Directors-at-Large (one representing each region). Additional leadership positions may be appointed with no designated terms.

Contact any of the members of the Board of Directors by using the email address format: "". Alternatively, send your message to "" and it will be forwarded appropriately.

A toll-free phone line is also available: 1-800-319-5286

PRESIDENT: Carol Ford (Redwood Shores)
SECRETARY: Charlene Fulton (Modesto)
TREASURER: Walt Wells (Holualoa, HI)
VICE PRESIDENT (Region 1): Vacant
VICE PRESIDENT (Region 2):  J. Gill Wright (Sacramento)
VICE PRESIDENT (Region 3): Vacant
VICE PRESIDENT (Region 4): Jolie Lucas (Grover Beach)
VICE PRESIDENT (Region 5): Ed Story (Torrance)
VICE PRESIDENT (Region 6): Vacant
DIRECTOR (Region 1): Paul Marshall (Gilroy)
DIRECTOR (Region 2): Vacant
DIRECTOR (Region 3): Andy Wilson (Hayward)
DIRECTOR (Region 4): Karen Kahn (Santa Barbara)
DIRECTOR (Region 5): Peter Albiez (Burbank)
DIRECTOR (Region 6): Bill Sanders (Chula Vista)

DART PROGRAM MANAGER: Paul Marshall (Gilroy)
EDITOR, CalPilots: Andy Wilson (Hayward), Peter Albiez (Burbank)

GENERAL COUNSEL: Karl Schweikert (Sacramento)

PAST PRESIDENT: Corl Leach (Las Vegas, NV)
PAST PRESIDENT: Ed Rosiak (Cupertino)
PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Jay C. White (San Carlos)



Jack Kenton, Jim MacKnight, John Pfeifer, Doug Rice, Elliott Sanders

CalPilots acknowledges and salutes the immeasurable contributions of Jay C. White. Becoming President of the California Aviation Council (CAC) in 1984, he led many significant transformations. Retiring from United Airlines as a Boeing 747 Captain, Jay brought his skill as an accomplished aviation attorney and provided the "teeth" the organization needed to tackle numerous legal challenges. He filed many briefs and when necessary, lawsuits on behalf of General Aviation concerns. He led the CAC to obtain tax-exempt status under IRC section 501(c)(3) and subsequently obtaining authorization for a Group Exemption and eventual formation of "Chapters" at over three dozen airports across the state. The CAC was renamed California Pilots Association in 1991, the title by which Jay would lead for another 13 years. From 2005 - 2015 Jay was the CalPilots General Counsel. He currently resides in San Carlos, CA and volunteers with the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County.