California Airports

Calaveras Air Fair 4/18 and Boonville Spring Fly-In 4/19

Whether you’re looking for the best in comfort food or some friendly competition, the Weekender found fly-ins on SocialFlight with a bit of everything. Pulled pork and bratwurst sandwiches for lunch, burritos for breakfast and live music will be featured at EAA Chapter 484’s Calaveras Air Fair on Saturday in San Andreas, California. Enjoy classic…

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The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748, Public Law 116-136) (PDF), signed into law by the President on March 27, 2020, includes $10 billion in funds to be awarded as economic relief to eligible U.S. airports affected by the prevention of, preparation for, and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under this new…

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CalPilots Attends Aerospace and Aviation Days Educating Our Legislators on General Aviation Benefits

Your California Pilots Association is charged with the task to advance “public understanding and interest in beneficial use and utilization of aviation in California.” There are many ways we fulfill this duty. Our involvement in an annual event at the Capitol in Sacramento focuses on direct education of our elected officials and their staff regarding…

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Santa Monica Sued Over Airport Landing Fees

December 10, 2015 — Aviators filed a class action lawsuit Monday against the City alleging that landing fees at Santa Monica Airport – which were doubled in 2013 – were illegally adopted by the City Council.

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FAA says Santa Monica Airport must stay open until 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration ruled Friday that Santa Monica Airport must stay open at least until 2023 — a decision that could frustrate the city’s efforts to reduce flight operations and then shut down the historic facility in the near future.

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Cloverdale airport’s future before City Council

December 5, 2015

The fate of the Cloverdale Airport is up in the air as city officials grapple with whether to grant a developer’s demand to close it in order to accommodate a proposed $200 million resort next door.

Closing an airfield involves a lengthy federal application process with an uncertain outcome, but developers of the 254-acre Alexander Valley Resort say they are willing to foot the bill, as well as pay for more than $7 million in improvements to repurpose the airport into a sports park.

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Chico City Council Rejects Airport Management Proposal

“On the urging of 13 speakers, the Chico City Council unanimously rejected a proposal from Washington D.C.-based AvPORTS to manage the Chico Municipal Airport… despite a modified proposal for a smaller cost, shorter time span and less risk, which were among the objections cited when the Airport Commission recommended rejecting the proposal in October.”

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Clay Lacy Aviation Opens New Ramp Space At Van Nuys Airport

Marks Completion Of First Phase Of $10 Million Project

Clay Lacy Aviation has opened 2.5 acres of new ramp space at its Van Nuys Airport FBO providing additional space for arrivals and departures, accommodate overnight parking and reduce the frequency of aircraft towing.

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Chico airport panel nixes management offer

Chico >> After almost three hours of discussion, the Chico Airport Commission Tuesday night said it would not recommend the City Council agree to a long-term management proposal presented by consultant AvPORTS.

Commissioners said they had “concerns” with the proposal’s costs, as well as what the agreement would mean to the community in service and to the city in costs.

CalPilots Editor’s Note – CalPilot’s Paul Osterman states – “representatives of the CalPilots Chapter North Valley Aviation Association were one of many providing input to the commission”.

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