VOR Checkpoint Deleted from Compton (CPM) Airport

As of a year ago, the Airport/Facility Directory (AFD) for the area discontinued its listing of the VOT (113.9) that serves all of the Los Angeles “South Bay” airports. The 113.9 signal is supposedly transmitted from a facility on the South Bay’s Palos Verdes hilltop. While airports as far away as Santa Monica and Fullerton still have the listing, the AFD’s VOR Checkpoints lists no longer show the Compton/Woodley Airport. CPA’s Jack Kenton has been checking on the deletion and has had little success in learning why it was dropped.

Originally thought to be an oversight, the airport’s manager says that he was told that it was because the FAA’s Flight Inspection jets could not land on the short runway to check the signal. However, as the signal is a VOT, the question of Flight Inspection needing to check it out seems strange. Further inquiry is continuing.

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