Eureka Airport Fights Back

“Great News! Calpine Gas Co. has withdrawn from Humboldt Bay! Our airport is saved!”

The following email was sent to Jay White, President of the California Pilot’s Association.

“The City Council had a meeting for the public Tuesday night. 1,500 people showed up! The majority, 1,250, did not want Calpine to come in! Calpine felt the hostility. The meeting went so long, it was to be continued Thursday night. Yesterday, Wednesday, Calpine met with the City Mayor and presented him with a letter of resignation from our Humboldt Bay! It said, they did not feel welcomed here. That is an understatement.

I wish to ?Thank you? so much for your participation in this! You are the one who got Joe to write that very good letter! Is it no surprise, the City manager never shared it with anyone? But, the City Attorney, mayor, and councilwoman knew about it….the day of the meeting!

How do I get the City to quit trying to pedal this property to the highest bidder? This is the third time in 15 years they have attempted to sell this property. It has been a different city manager too. How do we get them to respect the quick claim deed? Not just today and tomorrow, but for future generations. Maybe we need to go to the city Council and make a permanent disclosure that this property will never be for sale. What do you think?

Will you please send me an application for the CA Pilot’s Assoc.? It will be a privilege to belong to your group. Thank you, again, for your most important help.

Toni Lee Estevo
Eureka, CA ”