Corona Airport on the Mend

While the flood waters have receded, the silt left behind from the flood at the Corona Airport remains. Many hangars on the West End of the field were more than 10 foot underwater. Silt, in some areas reaching 8-10 inches, covers everything. Water, electric and sewer have been non-existent since January 11. City crews are working to get water and sewer back on-line, with hopes of achieving this goal by Friday, January 21. The runway remains closed while engineers determine the stability of the runway and taxiways. All businesses on the airport are closed. Business owners assisted pilots in moving their aircraft to higher ground, allowing their own business equipment to be damaged or destroyed. Donations would be welcome to help support the businesses on the field. Contact Corona Pilots’ Association, PO Box 1212, Corona, CA 92878-1212. You can also contact the Corona Airport Manager, Rich Brodeur, at 951-736-2289 to offer any assistance.