South Lake Tahoe (TVL)- City Hall at the Airport?

Monday, March 7, 2005
City hall at the airport?
By Susan Wood
The Tahoe (CA) Daily Tribune

South Lake Tahoe needs a few good architects to come up with ideas for a government center at the Lake Tahoe Airport. The city is expected this week to call on architectural firms to share their qualifications for the long-term, City Manager Dave Jinkens said Sunday. The City Council approved last week the request to run the solicitation. Preliminary drawings will be requested on the concept for a complex that combines city government offices and makes space for a commercial business park that may stretch from the terminal into the airport parking lot. The cost of these professional services are unknown.

The city wants to escape high rent accrued from leasing the Council Chambers on 1900 Lake Tahoe Blvd. for $130,000 annually. The lease on the building, which also houses the Planning Department, expires in 2006. The city would like to pay for the majority of the project with grant money.

A plan to create a City Hall at Bijou Community Park was taken off the table months ago upon pressure from recreational advocates.