Builder's Repairman Certificate Changes

The FAA is converting pilot and nonpilot certificates from paper to plastic. Active pilots made the conversion last year when paper pilot certificates expired on March 31, 2010. Non-pilots— including mechanics, flight engineers, repairmen, aircraft dispatchers, and airmen issued certificates under part 63 and part 65—have until March 31, 2013, to obtain plastic certificates. The reason for the conversion from paper certificates to plastic is to provide enhanced security features as required in the Drug Enforcement Administration Act of 1988 and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.

Airmen Certification Branch Manager Tona Gates (AFS-760) says it is important for certificate holders to know that if they don’t comply with the conversion, they may not be able to exercise their privileges. “The certificate is still valid, but they can’t exercise privileges,” Tona said.

To upgrade is easy:

Go to and click on “Replace an Airman Certificate”

Then “Request a replacement certificate online”

Then either create an account or Logon.

All of your certificates will be displayed and you can update your repairman certificate for two dollars.