New Aircraft Fueling Station open at Santa Barbara Airport

Just when you thought a new Passenger terminal was the only big thing going on at the Airport
A Grand Opening took place at the Santa Barbara Airport last month to celebrate the new self-serve fueling installation on the airport. Garry Abbott, and Mitch Laskowski Founders of MAG Aviation Fuel, headquartered in Hesperia California announced this crowning moment after a more than two year effort to achieve a truly competitive fuel outlet for general aviation pilots at the Santa Barbara Airport.

MAG Aviation Fuel has installed the very latest state of the art fuel facility promoting environmentally safe equipment and security systems as well as modern, pay-at-the-pump computerized billing and communication systems.

For the past 25 years, Santa Barbara pilots have been faced with paying up to as much as $2.85 per gallon more for aviation fuel than pilots at nearby Santa Ynez or Camarillo airports. The typical general aviation airplane will usually take 20 to 30 gallons of fuel at a time, which, in the past, meant Santa Barbara pilots were paying an extra $55 to $85 at each fill up.

Local pilots from the well supported Santa Barbara Airport Advocates Group worked closely with the Santa Barbara Airport Administration to generate competitive bids for the eventual successful installation of the new self-serve facility. The City of Santa Barbara collects 5 cents per gallon from all fuel delivered on the airport, so there is no loss of revenue with the new facility. Abbott felt the City would benefit even more as local pilots will now, after a flight, be using the Santa Barbara facility rather than stopping off at Santa Ynez or Camarillo to fill up on their way home.

Out of town pilots visiting the Santa Barbara airport will benefit as well, as there are no ramp fees associated with filling up at the new facility.
Roger Freedman, President of the Santa Barbara Airport Advocates group pointed out some of the benefits of the fuel savings. “Fuel costs are a major consideration for student pilots and this facility will be of major benefit for young pilots based in Santa Barbara who are seeking a commercial airline career. Also, general aviation generates significant revenues to the Santa Barbara area; but in the past, the high costs of fuel and ramp fees have discouraged many visiting pilots from landing at the Santa Barbara airport“.

Freeman continued; “The members of our advocacy group are thrilled with the professional manner in which Garry Abbott, and Mitch Laskowski of MAG Aviation Fuel have displayed in achieving this long overdue competitive position to level the playing field towards serving general aviation fuel needs at the Santa Barbara airport.”

Abbott anticipates demand to continue to rise as more Southern California pilots become aware of the new pilot friendly fuel prices and once again make Santa Barbara a favorite spot to visit and fuel up