Byron Airport Land Use Commission Meeting – Wednesday

Wednesday August 11th – The Byron Airport Land Use Commission, which is charged with protecting the airport from encroachment by incompatible uses near Public Use Airports and to promote the economic future development of California airports, is seeking Pilot Inputs on the subject addressed below.

The commission is not against the airport. Some of the commissioners seem to be leaning toward the option of “Marking” the Hazardous Plumes, and asking Byrpon airport users to fly around them as a mitigation that might allow the Power Plant(s) to be constructed.

The commission has been asking (more like pleading) for the pilots to show up and Be Represented (so the Commission can support the aviation community). Lacking any serious local pilot participation, the Commission is starting to suspect that the Byron pilots don’t care.

One of the problems is that there was not an effective effort to let the local pilots know what was going on. The meeting below is the last one before the decision is reached to determine that  the Power Plant is indeed “Compatible” with aviation. Please attend and express your concerns to the contrary, as we discussed.

Bring all of your Aviation Friends along as well.

Note: The Proponent (developer) usually sits on the Left, Pilots on the Right – Submit-a-Speaker-Slip (Opposed); they really do want to hear from you, Honest!

Thank you for your consideration on attending this important meeting.

Bill Sanders –
California Pilotgs Association

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The Contra Costa County ALUC (Apt Land Use Commission) meeting to protest 2 Power Plants with dangerous to flight plumes incompatible with BYRON Airport.
Wed Aug 11, 2010 – 7:30pm
McBrien Administration Building, Room 107
651 Pine Street, Martinez, CA 94553