Safer Skies Through Education

A Safety Tip from the FAASTeam

With spring just around the corner, it is time to knock the dust and cobwebs off our favorite aircraft and get ready for the flying season. Just as important to our flying safety as prepping our bird for flight after winter storage is the prepping of our mind for safe flight operations. It is time to clear the mind and brush up on the proper techniques and skills required to operate the aircraft safely and proficiently.

Remember to review operating procedures for airport surface operations at your local airport and the airports that you frequent. Review the runway signage and what they mean. Brush up on proper radio phraseology and practice clear and concise radio communication skills. All of these skill sets can assist you in avoiding becoming a runway incursion statistic. can help you with this task through the on-line learning library and on-line courses. Be knowledgeable, be safe, be responsible, be a professional – Be a Pilot.