Let’s be Friends

facebook_logoThe California Pilots Association has been working hard to increase our communications capabilities. Our redesigned newsletter is professionally formatted and includes a great deal more aviation pertinent information.


Our redesigned web site is also more than visually enhanced; it provides another whole level of functionality. You can search through hundreds of subject and airport specific articles. You can join/renew or donate online. And as a web site member you can also comment on articles.

Coming soon, members will be able to opt to receive our newsletter electronically, or sign up for a summary electronic edition.  We have some more surprises we are working on for you too, so stay tuned.

The next step is Facebook. In fact, CalPilots has already created a Facebook Page for your convenience and to assist you in following us.  Please check it out by going to our Facebook Page.

You can already follow what is happening to General Aviation in our state simply by “Friending” us.  And – that is what we are asking you to do. It’s easy and it helps us reach many other people like you who are also concerned  about general aviation.

So let’s be friends – and work together to promote, preserve, and protect our general aviation airports and rights as aviators. That’s what Friends do.