Santa Monica Museum of Flight to Reopen

Museum of Flying is pleased to announce its new home at the Santa Monica Airport in Santa Monica, California, that will feature a display and exhibit area of nearly 22,000 square feet.

The new Museum will provide displays and interpretive exhibits on the history of flight and the development and growth of the aviation and aerospace industry in Southern California. Based on our heritage, the Museum will place heavy emphasis on the Douglas Aircraft Company and the history of the Santa Monica Airport.

The new Museum will feature nearly 2 dozen aircraft chronicling the beginning of flight: from a replica Wright Flyer, all the way to the jet age, with the BD-5 micro jet and the FedEx 727 nose section. The Museum will also feature a broad collection of aviation art, rare artifacts, and ephemera from famous aviators. The museum will create a hands-on interactive and education center for children that will include a T-33 cockpit trainer, a Convair 240 nose, and the K-3 mini flight simulator that will teach children about pitch, yaw, and roll.

The Mezzanine of the new Museum will feature a replica of the Douglas Aircraft Company Executive Board room, and recreation of the office of Donald W. Douglas, Founder & Chairman of the Douglas Aircraft Company. The mezzanine will also house the new Museum Theater and Screening Room.