CalPilots Response to Scottsdale Airport Commissioner Firing

It is unfortunate that Mayor Lane believes that when it comes to airport commission decisions it is his way or the highway. An airport commission is tasked with determining a balance between what is good for the community as well as the airport. And Mayor, in case you weren’t aware of it, the airport is good for the community.

There is a reason that safety zones are part of an airport’s design. And allowing multiple apartment complexes into that safety zone one half mile from the end of a runway is asking for trouble.

Here in California we have the exact same issue because many politicians and government officals are either uninformed, or in denial of the issues they cause by allowing encouragement of an airport. As well as the future costs related to them.

There are scientific studies regarding where aircraft crash around an airport – hence the requirement for safety zones. When you allow development in those safety zones and an accident or incident happens where is the pilot supposed to go?

Of course after the fact the airport becomes the villain and the community cries out for some sort of solution – a solution to the very problem the politicians and government officals have created.

An airport commission should be tasked with protecting the community from safety and noise issues inherent to airports. Would you allow a school playground to be built at the end of a highway off ramp – probably not? This issue is no different.

After the developer is long gone with his profits as well as the current mayor and council, guess who will be left with the huge costs of dealing with noise or safety issues around the airport – you guessed it, the community will be.

Today’s politicians have very little understanding of the importance of our airports. Their main focus is solving today’s issues with no view toward the future. No doubt Mayor Lane is thinking tax revenue etc… too bad, because his shortsightedness is going to cost Scottsdale big time.

Ed Rosiak – President
California Pilots Association