New Issue of FAA Safety Briefing

The March/April 2012 issue of FAA Safety Briefing is now available and supports the safety outreach efforts of the FAASTeam’s 3rd Annual Safety Standdown.

The Standdown’s three central themes include: Loss of Control, Aeronautical Decision-making, and Advanced Preflight. Articles on each of these critical areas provide important insight, tips and resources for improving general aviation safety. Check it out today at

FAA Asks for Public Input on UAS Test Site Selection
The FAA today asked for public input on the agency’s selection process for six unmanned aircraft system (UAS) test sites. Once the pilot program is established, the agency expects it will provide valuable data to help the FAA safely and efficiently integrate UAS into the same airspace with manned airplanes. Specifically, the request for comment asks for input on several important questions, such as public versus private management of the sites, research activities and capabilities of the test areas, the requirements for test site operators, and the geographic and climate factors that should influence site selection.

The request for comments, including instructions for filing comments, will be published in the Federal Register on Friday, March 9 ( There will be a 60 day window for submitting comments. For more information on the UAS test site selection process, go to: