EAA-AOPA Medical Proposal Needs Your Comment

Since the end of March, when the federal government officially posted a third-class medical certification exemption request from EAA and AOPA, aviation enthusiasts have registered 856 comments (as of Thursday morning, April 26). The “Petition of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and Experimental Aircraft Association for an exemption from 14 CFT Part 61,” along with the comments, is available at Regulations.gov under Docket FAA-2012-0350.

Current FAA regulations require all pilots to hold at least a third-class medical certificate to exercise the privileges of a private or recreational certificate. EAA and AOPA are asking the FAA for an exemption to that rule, which would give pilots who fly recreationally the option of getting a third-class medical or, instead, participating in a recurrent online education program that will teach them how to self-assess their fitness to fly. If the request is granted, pilots flying recreationally would be required to carry the online education program course completion certificate during each flight.

“This medical petition stands to increase the level of safety and significantly reduce a substantial economic and regulatory burden for pilots who fly recreationally,” said Randy Hansen, EAA government relations director. “We strongly believe the approval of the medical petition and its implementation will aid the growth, activity, and strength of general aviation on both the local and national level. We thank everyone who has submitted comments already and urge other aviators to read the exemption request and comment as well.”

Public comments are accepted online through the Regulation.gov website. Since the EAA/AOPA exemption request has not been published in the Federal Register, no comment deadline has been established. To assist you in the commenting process, visit the guide to assist aviators.

CalPilots Editors Note: This would be a good thing for general aviation please do your part and provide your comments.