CalPilot's Comment Third class FAA Medical Certificate for operation of small aircraft

The California Pilots Association representing the interests of our membership supports the AOPA, EAA proposal to allow licensed pilots to alternatively use a valid State Driver’s License, in lieu of a third class FAA Medical Certificate for operation of small aircraft.

The FAA has all the data it needs to justify this important change.

  1. Current regulations already require the pilot to self-certify his/her medical condition prior to every flight. This technique is clearly working given the lack of aviation related incidents as a result of medical issues.
  2. The FAA already has over 7 years of data on Light Sport Aircraft, demonstrating that this is a safe alternative to the expense and time involved in obtaining an FAA medical.
  3. This combined experience verifies that the operation of small aircraft, as described in the AOPA and EAA proposal is safe, and adoption will significantly reduce costs for the FAA, without exposing the population to safety issues.

It is time for the FAA to remove this complicated medical process required for the small aircraft operation. On behalf of California’s 60,000 active pilots we ask that AOPA and EAA’s proposal be approved.

Edward Rosiak – President
California Pilots Association