Feinstein Amendment Would Curtail KBUR Nighttime Operations

California Senator Diane Feinstein (D) is attempting to use a mini appropriations bill that includes funding for the Department of Transportation to curtail nighttime operations at Burbank Bob Hope Airport (KBUR).

The U.S. Senate began consideration of the bill this week. The Feinstein amendment would impose a curfew on all airport operations at the airport.

A message posted by HAI on their website points out that these types of amendments “are devastating to local businesses and are a negative impact on the aviation system.”

“We see more and more of these types of legislative aircraft noise mandates coming from U.S. Senators seeking to placate a small minority of their constituency,” said HAI president Matt Zuccaro. “This is the worst example of regulation by legislation whereby the role of the FAA is diminished and there is little regard for industry voluntary efforts. This is but one more dangerous precedent which circumvents the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990. Passage of Senator Feinstein’s amendment to scale back operations at Burbank is another nail in the coffin for general aviation, adding to politically imposed operating restrictions across the nation.”

Zuccaro urges all U.S.-based HAI members to pick up the phone today and/or email their two U.S. Senators urging them to oppose Senator Feinstein’s Burbank Airport amendment. The answer to noise issues raised by local communities does not lie in the hands of individual lawmakers, it rests with air carriers, general aviation interests, local airports, and community interests working together to reach a compromise that works through local programs and upholds long standing congressionally mandated policies implemented to support the U.S. aviation and airport system and sustain viable economic entities that support general aviation.

FMI: www.senate.gov, www.rotor.com