Developers Spend Money Against Santa Monica Measure D

SMO1Developers and their City Hall allies have been after the 227 acres of Santa Monica airport land for years. Campaign disclosure reports filed recently by Measure LC proponents — the politicians’ effort to confuse the voters — prove it.
Big money has started to roll in; $10,000 from Jeff Worthe — president of Worthe Real Estate Group — is the biggest yet, about half of what’s been reported.

Among Worthe Real Estate’s real estate holdings is 1333 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, where attempts are underway to build a massive 244-foot hotel, condominium, apartment, and retail project.

It’s easy to see why Worthe Real Estate dislikes the airport. Building-height restrictions for miles around the airport, allthe way to the beach, protect the City from high-rise development. Close the airport … and these building limits go away.

See the Worthe project plan for yourself at