Lockheed Martin Flight Service

faastLockheed Martin Flight Service: Not the Flight Service Station you once knew
Notice Number: NOTC5815

General Aviation pilots are used to standard weather briefings that include extensive and comprehensive information about their route of flight and a whole lot more information that may or may not be pertinent to their flight. For years pilots have been asking for easy to understand weather and flight information specific to their needs with greater use of graphics and filtering. That is exactly what Lockheed Martin Flight Service is delivering online as a result of the feedback received from General Aviation pilots.

Pilot-Centric Capabilities
· Next Generation Briefings that are graphics-rich and easy to understand
· Tools that help you plan your departure time around the best possible weather
and avoid adverse conditions
· An alerting service that notifies you of changes in adverse conditions that
affect your flight
· Notification of ATC Routing Changes
· In-flight electronic PIREP submission via Flight Services Data Link
· VFR flight plan activation and closure by touching a link in an email
· Automated position monitoring for expedited Search and Rescue

These are just a few of the capabilities you’ll find at www.1800wxbrief.com, all of which were developed in collaboration with pilots. Accounts and services are free, and pilots can retrieve their historical data online.

Lockheed Martin’s also sharing these capabilities at no cost with the developers of popular flight planning apps and websites like ForeFlight, Garmin, Honeywell, Naviator, FlightPro, iFlyGPS, Aerovie, spidertracks and DeLorme, with many others on the way.

Whether you use www.1800wxbrief.com; any of the flight planning apps that provide briefings from Lockheed Martin Flight Services; or call 1-800-WX-BRIEF, your briefings will meet FAA requirements and be recorded, even if you do not provide logon credentials for LM’s pilot web portal to your app.

You can find more information about these capabilities at www.1800wxbrief.com.