April 2015

California Airports

Santa Monica takes first steps towards closing airport

The Santa Monica City Council has shortened ground leases for tenants at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO), limiting most businesses to month-to-month leases.

Exceptions were FBO Atlantic Aviation, Adelman, a law firm, and the Museum of Flying, which received three-year leases to June 30, 2018, with the option of one-year extensions at the discretion of the city.

Aviation Interest

FAAST Newsletter

Combatting Crosswinds and Turbulence


Although the more pleasant temperatures of spring are now upon us, gusty winds are also on the rise in many areas. A good (and safe!) way to start your flying year is to get some crosswind flying practice with your favorite flight instructor. It’s also a good idea to review some of the best practices and procedures for dealing with winds and turbulence. For example, prior to landing, pilots should always review what their Plan B is going to be should excessive crosswinds or turbulence factor in. It’s much better to execute a well-thought-out contingency plan than to make radical decisions during critical phases of flight.

For more helpful tips on how to combat crosswinds and turbulence, check out “Getting Crossed-Eyed with Crosswinds and Turbulence” in the March/April 2015 issue of FAA Safety Briefing http://www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/2015/media/MarApr2015.pdf.