FAA 45-day comment period on Airspace

Did you know? 11 rules affecting airspace proposed in August?

It is amazing how efficient the FAA can be at times. In August 2015, the FAA posted 11 proposed rules to the Federal Register regarding airspace. Did you know that?

Until Sept. 1, I didn’t either. On each proposed rule is a 45-day comment period. After 45-days, with no comments received, the FAA is one large step closer to making a proposed rule final.

Federal Register logoPotentially impacted airspace is in Vancouver, Wash., International Falls, Minn., Van Nuys, Calif., Burbank, Calif., Gainesville, Miss., Newport, N.H., Placida, Fla., Vidalia, La., Marshall, Ark., Cottonwood, Ariz., and Mariana Islands, Guam. The majority are for creation or modification of Class E airspace.

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