Indio City Council Overrides ALUC Incompatible Use Determination

Indio City Council in session, May 17, 2017. (image from webcast)

By a unanimous vote, the Indio City Council shrugged off the Riverside Airport Land Use Commission’s application of state guidance as to what activities are compatible with nearby airport operations. The overrule is the result of the Council’s assessment that the potential risk of putting a hospital within 1/2 mile and barely displaced from the runway centerline is acceptable given the lure of an economic payoff. We’ll have more to say about this later!

Special recognition to those who appeared at the podium: Karl Schweikert, Rob Bernheimer, Robert Berriman, Ted Gablin, and Nels Carlson. Many additional thanks to Rafael Sierra (Palm Springs Pilots Assoc.) for helping spread the word!