Please Review! – Your Comments in Support of FAA Draft Policy Requested

The FAA is accepting comments on its new policy related to temporary closures of airports for non-aeronautical uses, including closing portions of an airport, e.g. ramps, taxiways, etc. This is relevant to each and every airport, because it includes emergency services drills, or use of a distant ramp for the purposes of motorcycle training, fire training, or other training. The Policy is clear that airports that have received AIP grants must request permission before closing the portion of the airport temporarily. Note that the proposal still allows use of airport property for nonaeronautical activities at less than fair market value if the use is community use as defined in section VII.D of the Policy and Procedures Concerning the Use of Airport Revenue (Revenue Use Policy).

CalPilots is seeking comments in favor of the proposal, though CalPilots would suggest your comment include a revision request to include either stated penalties for a failure to comply with the rule or a method for pilots to object to the application.

The Policy:

Please reference Docket Number FAA-2018-0432 when commenting.

Please note the comment period ends July 30, 2018.

To send Electronically: Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to and follow the online instructions for sending your comments electronically.

Mail: Docket Operations, M–30; U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Room W12–140, West Building Ground Floor, Washington, DC 20590–0001.