CalPilots Attends Aerospace and Aviation Days Educating Our Legislators on General Aviation Benefits

Your California Pilots Association is charged with the task to advance “public understanding and interest in beneficial use and utilization of aviation in California.” There are many ways we fulfill this duty. Our involvement in an annual event at the Capitol in Sacramento focuses on direct education of our elected officials and their staff regarding General Aviation’s benefits.

CalPilots was front-and-center as it teams with the Association of California Airports (ACA) and the Aerospace States Association to present the “Aerospace & Aviation Days”, February 24-26, 2020.

Monday, we were inside the State Senate and Assembly Chambers for the announcement of resolutions that formally acknowledge the value of these industries to the California public and economy.

Tuesday was the day of activity as we traverse through the maze of Senator and Assembly Member offices hand delivered information including an aeronautical chart of the state showing the airports not only in one’s own district but also in others’ districts as well, demonstrating the need for ALL the airports. We conversed face-to-face with our policymakers or their staff members. We reinforced our contacts with lawmakers as well as encouraging their participation in the legislative Aviation Caucus, chaired by Assembly member Jim Patterson from Fresno(R), and co-chaired by Sen Richard Roth (D) Riverside. This caucus is bi-partisan (Republicans and Democrats) and bi-cameral (Senate and Assembly). That evening we shared hosting of an informal reception for our representatives in the Lt. Governor’s office, designed to encourage more detailed discussions.

The Exposition and Showcase phase took place Wednesday on the west steps of the Capitol. From 11 am to 2 pm CalPilots was among the organizations and businesses to engage with members of the public. Displays of interesting and often intriguing uses of aviation were highlighted. This year we had a drone flight on the grounds. It is a fun experience for attendees and we hope you enjoyed the event.

The Aerospace & Aviation Days website ( provides numerous educational resources and information about the event.