Tehachapi City Council Ignores Hotel in Airport Safety Zone Issue

Tehachapi Airport2Tehachapi Airport Tehachapi City Council Denies Hotel Appeal – The Tehachapi City Council held a public hearing denying local airport hanger owner Kenneth Hetge his appeal to halt the construction of a new hotel in Capital Hills. The council made its decision at its Feb. 19 meeting despite hearing from nearly a dozen pilots who supported Hetge’s appeal, citing various incidents of aircraft crashes in other locations and other airport landing and take off related issues.

“I’ve been a pilot all my life,” said George Sandy, “I commend Mr. Hetge for doing his homework. He’s a staunch supporter of aviation.”

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Tehachapi, CA. – New Motel [Location] Approval Appealed

Ken Hetge TehaAirport hangar owner Ken Hetge files an appeal. Photo by Ed GordonAn action by the Tehachapi Planning Commission to approve the architectural design and site plan for a planned 69-room, three-story Motel 6 on a 1.06 acre site in Capital Hills has been appealed to the Tehachapi City Council.

Ken Hetge, a hangar owner at the airport, objected to the motel over concerns that the flight path of the airport passes over the site. Last week he paid the $1561 city filing fee on behalf of hangar owners. The appeal will come before City Council at a future meeting.


However, it seems that even at the time Planning Commissioners approved the project, the property owner Terry Delamater — and city officials — knew that Delamater no longer intended to build a Motel 6 on the site.

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Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUC)

We are continuously posting articles about airport sponsors, city or county, ignoring the state’s Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) function. This commission was created to mitigate issues between inappropriate land development around our state airports. The following, while a bit long, is a primer on ALUC’s. The entire Division or Aeronautics manual on is also attached as a PDF file. While you may not wish to read the entire manual, it is an excellent reference for protecting your airport. Please download it for reference.

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Get the FACTS on "Trailer Bills"

How did the Airport Land Use Commission get placed on the now “infamous trailer bill” in the Department of Finance – Read about this questionable process in Dan Walters column. After you do, please write the Governor and ask him to remove Airport Land Use Commissions from this bill.      Dan Walters: Legislative mischief on ‘trailer…

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California Airport Land Use Commission at risk

The following post is written by California Pilots Association President Ed Rosiak. Suffice it to say, airports are vital, and must be protected. – Ben Sclair, Publisher The Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) was first introduced in California in the 70’s, after the tragic crash of a surplus Military Jet… Read More

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