Ocean Ridge SectionalHello supporters of Ocean Ridge Airport,

I want to personally thank you for making our fundraising effort a success. While we didn’t reach our target, we did make a lot of progress.

And as luck would have it, we were able secure a slurry contract for a much lower price than we had planned on. We had planned for the worst case scenario of having to pay for full mobilization of a contractor–and in Gualala that would have been staggering. But we were able to piggy back with a contractor doing work nearby so we didn’t have to pay for the whole mobilization. We saved ourselves a bundle!

Check our blog for runway updates: http://oceanridgeairport.org/blog/

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Dear friends of Ocean Ridge Airport – As you may be aware, the condition of the runway surface at Ocean Ridge Airport has degraded to a condition that threatens the future viability of the airport. In fact, Caltrans, (Division of Aeronautics) the California State governing agency that issues airport operating permits, conducted an inspection of the airport on August 2, 2013 and issued a report that states the runway surface exhibits “severe raveling and loss of asphalt aggregates” that can potentially create Foreign Object Damage to aircraft and propellers.

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