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Stearman Restorers Association

Stearman Site

Like a vintage Harley, Stearmans hold a dear place in many a pilot’s heart. We are blessed in California to have an association dedicated to keeping the symbols of Golden Age flying alive, and it’s a pleasure to tell you about the Stearman Restorers Association.

Page Links

Home gets you started with a look around the cyber hangar, with plenty of overall text information about who SRA is and what they do. Fly-Ins presents a calendar of events around the country for he Stearman enthusiast to consider attending. There are also additional links to Stearman associations and events.

P-38 Demise is a page dedicated to another classic aero-sculpture, with a picture reminding pilots why they should cherish every nut and bolt on a Stearman or any other endangered winged species.

Announcements provides, among other items, contacts with pilots who provide check-out and training in Stearmans. That alone should be worth your time if you’ve ever had the itch to stick and rudder your way through the skies. It also gives information about subscribing to the Stearman Flying Wire, a quarterly newsletter. You can also order back issues of the newsletter here. By the way, they need photos and articles about Stearmans, so if you have the knowledge and archives, check this page out and get in touch with these guys. Preserving vintage aircraft and preserving airports tend to go much hand in hand…

Forums & Search let you join a discussion group about Stearmans, as well as look for items related to Stearmans that were published in back issues in Stearman Flying Wire. You can back order the issues containing the referenced items, as they do not have the complete text of the issues on-line.

How to Join contains a printable membership application, $35 for one year, which includes subscription to the newsletter. SRA is a not for profit association, by the way.

Classifieds is the jewel in the crown of this web site, because if you need hard to find parts, or if you have just hit the lottery and know exactly where that disposable income should go, this web page has your name on it. It”s also a great place to seek out parts that others may not have gotten around to listing.

SRA’s mailing address is 7000 Merrill Avenue, Box 90, Chino Airport, Chino, CA 91710-8800

There was a time when these aircraft prepared America’s airmen to defend our shores and way of life. For enthusiasts of all ages, the latter says it all.

-David R. Aldridge