May June Cal Pilots Newsletter

Carpe Diem?. Seize the moment…or, in this case, seize the opportunity.

We are rapidly approaching the 100th anniversary of flight. All of the aviation publications, and the various aviation alphabet groups are trying to one up each other by providing the most timely and comprehensive information to be had. So what you ask? Discussion regarding aviation will be at an all-new high in the non-aviation media too. So why not use this opportunity to espouse the virtues of aviation to your friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who will listen? Yes I know that we pay our own way, and that we shouldn?t have to explain ourselves to anyone; nonetheless we still need to. The average California resident knows little about aviation. Worse, many believe aviation to be a rich person?s sport, as opposed to a business and personal travel tool, or a wonderful form of recreation. Haven?t you heard that all pilots are rich people, and that we just make a lot of noise to aggravate airport neighbors? If you haven?t, you must be living in a news media-free world. Seriously though, we know that every time an aircraft is in a situation where there might be injuries of some sort, the media are in full ?video camera microphone in hand ? news breaking mode. Fortunately, we don?t often provide anything gory for them to report on. Why not call that news contact you have and suggest that he/she do a positive story on the 100th anniversary of flight by flying with you, to get first hand experience? Or, how about offering that neighbor or co-worker who seems interested in your flying experiences, a short, very conservatively flown flight? (Remember, we don?t want to scare anyone). Much has been done. The EAA continues on its quest to make its goal of 1,000,000 Young Eagle flights by the December 3rd anniversary date, and AOPA continues its ?Mentor Program?. Why shouldn?t we do our part? As individuals, or as a group, we can make a huge difference in providing the non-aviation oriented public some factual information regarding the benefits of flight. Isn?t that better than wincing every time you hear some reporter who states the only information he or she can get, which is, ?the aircraft was not a flight plan?. Pilots know that an aircraft doesn?t have to be on a flight plan, but how will the Press ever figure it out if we don?t tell them? Finally, what has your local airport pilot organization done for your airport lately? There are many, which participate on a scheduled basis, to provide services with their free labor. Make it happen and watch the great Public Relations it can bring to pilots as a group. Seize the opportunity now. And one other thing please let me know how it worked out so I can report on it here. Blue Skies?????.Ed editor@calpilots.org Ed Rosiak, #535, 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd Ste 205, Cupertino, CA. 95014-5715