Watsonville Airport Economic Impact Study

By Dan Chauvet
A new economic impact study for Watsonville Airport was prepared by AMBAG (Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments). The report can be found at www.ambag.org. The study found that 18 million dollars and 329 jobs are tied directly to the Airport. 1030 jobs are related indirectly to Watsonville Airport and $627,343,000 in annual economic activity is an indirect result of the Airport. “This study shows that all the airports in the area have a positive economic impact on their respective communities” reports an AMBAG representative.

Local anti-airport activists will not be pleased with this report, which made front-page headlines in the local paper. Expect another debunking tirade from them as soon as they gather their wits. Pro-airport people have devoted much of their energies and time counter-acting the anti-aviation people here. It seems to be an ongoing problem.

The new Master Plan for Watsonville Airport was approved this summer. It provides for a badly needed glide-slope transmitter and approach lights to upgrade the existing localizer approach to a full ILS.