Livermore Airport Threatened by Complaints about Noise

The Mayor of Pleasanton acting on behalf of city residents has asked the Livermore City Council to restricts operations at the Livermore Airport. The City of Livermore is in the process of updating its 1975 Airport Master Plan. Under the draft General Plan, aircraft operations could reach 370,000 flights per year. Up to 5% of that traffic could be jets. Currently there are about 570 aircraft based at Livermore. Only 3 are jets. The airport derives much of its $3 million budget from the sale of 625,000 gallons of aviation fuel each year.

Parts of the City of Pleasanton have expanded to areas under the traffic pattern for Livermore Airport. The Pleasanton Mayor’s letter to the Livermore City Council states “These very large increases over current levels will have significant impacts in the noise environment in Pleasanton under the flight path and could increase the risk of accidents over the school and residences under that flight path.”