Hollister Airport A Sleeping Giant

Hollister Airport is situated approximately 50 miles Southeast of San Jose. After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake the airport was the receiving point for large amounts of emergency supplies delivered by general aviation pilots. Hollister Airport A Key To Future Success. Reprint from Free Lance News

The recent annual Air Fair was another subtle reminder that the Hollister Airport is a sleeping giant. There is so much potential for waking up the airport – and the results would benefit everyone who lives in Hollister and San Benito County, along with the much-needed visitors we are trying to attract.

A viable airport would help attract businesses that need access to quickly being able to fly in and out of town. Upgraded air shipping, both incoming and outgoing, is also a must in this day of increasing demand for speedy goods and services.

Airports are not only a hub for air traffic, but they can turn into successful focal points for business development in and around the actual airport land.

As a true historical landmark – especially with its past history of United States military involvement – the Hollister Airport can be developed as a must-see stop for the increasing number of state, national and world aviation fans.

Gavilan College could increase its presence there as an instruction segment of the airport, giving young pilots and mechanics a chance to pursue their dreams.

Also, a strong airport is a big help for emergency transportation needs, in case of a major earthquake, such as the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake for example, it would be instrumental in flying in needed personnel help and goods. It is already a place for tankers and other wildfire-fighting equipment to land and take off from, but that could be developed further as well.

Finally, an airport that is well planned and soundly expanded is just plain old fun. With all of its history and easy access, why can’t we have a major air show such as the upcoming one in Salinas? Or how about an interactive museum?

There are currently some airport plans in the works. But let’s remember to keep the airplanes taking off and not let them get grounded for any reason, even in a struggling economy. The Hollister Airport is a key component for the overall success of our city and county.
Reprint from Free Lance News