Injustice at Rio Vista Airport (O88)

Just a quick note to let everyone know what’s happening at Rio Vista Airport (O88). After receiving grant money to build a new terminal building and maintanence hanger, the city rented both to a company that makes windows for houses. Once known as having some of the lowest fuel prices around, and attracting many transients just for the low prices, we now have some of the highest prices and hardly any traffic. The city has decided to enforce local parking laws and has towed off several cars and put warning stickers on several others. The only aviation related business, the maintanence shop, has been evicted and the mechanic was told that he would be arrested for trespassing for being on the airport.

What once was known as a great place to fly to is now a ghost town. Like I said in the begining, this was a short note, there’s alot more to be said about the airport and the city but none of it is good.

Thank you for letting me get the word out and if anybody knows a good lawyer I’m in desperate need of one as I was the mechanic at the field. Thank you,

Dale Dekker