California Pilot Association Chapters

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Chapter Name


Big Bear Airport Pilots Assn.

Ken Campbell, President

Brackett Airport Assn.

Gene Torris, President

Central Valley Aviation Assn.

Pat Napolitano, President

Coalition for Livermore Airport

Brett Wayne, President

Fox Airport Assn.

George Prewitt, President

Fullerton Airport Pilot’s Assn.

Hal Raish, President

Half Moon Bay Airport Pilots’ Assn.

Dan McLaughlin, President

Hollister Airmen’s Assn.

Ruth Erickson, President

Lake County Airmen’s Assn.

Glen Claypool, President

Lake Tahoe Airport Assn.

Claudio Bellotto, President

Lincoln Regional Aviation Association

Corl Leach, President

Little River Airport Pilots Assn.

Tim Scully, President

Modesto Airport Pilots Assn.

Charlene Fulton, President

North Valley Pilots Assn.

John Patrick, President

Oceanside Airport Assn.

Ben Meyers, President

Palo Alto Airport Assn.

Ralph Britton, President

Palomar Airport Assn.

Rick Baker, President

Redding Area Pilots Assn.

Russ Schildt, President

Reid Hillview Airport Assn.

Mark Kadrich, President

San Carlos Airport Pilots Assn.

Carol Ford, President

Scott Valley Pilots Assn.

Cliff Faulkner, President

Shelter Cove Airport Assn.

Joe Gattuso, President

South County Airport Pilots Assn.

Mark Sochan, President

Stockton Airport Pilots Assn.

Dave Kirsten, President

Taft Area Pilots Assn.

George Ross, President

Tehachapi Society Of Pilots, Inc.

George Sandy, President

Tehama County Aviation Assn.

Randy Thompson, President

Torrance Airport Assn.

David Bean, President

Tracy Airport Assn.

Fred Issacs, President

Trinity County Pilots Assn.

Steve Byers, President

Trona Airport Assn.

George E. Cercone, President

Tuolumne Co. Aeronautical Assn.

Clay Farlow, President

Turlock Regional Aviation Assn.

Todd Smith, President

Van Nuys Aircraft Propeller Assn.

Elliott Sanders, President

Watsonville Airport Pilots Assn.

Mike McIntyre, President

Whitemen Airport Assn.

Don Hagopian, President