Update on Proposal To Close Concord Buchanan Airport

Dear Friends,
Thank you to all, who were able to attend the Board of Supervisors Meeting today. We had some excellent speakers; a number of MDPA members and a significant showing of the Friends of Concord organization. Great turnout!! Also present was a representative from Hofmann Corp. to speak in favor of the airport, and show the proposed new jet center they want to build. Albert Seeno Corp was represented by two attorneys, one which spoke to the very heart of the matter concerning the need to keep the airport open.

All in all, the Supervisors did vote (5-0) to proceed with the “process”, however a large number of conditions for a proposal to “develop” the airport were added to the original proposal sponsored by Mark DeSaulnier. These conditions will make it even harder for Mark DeSaulnier to move this proposal forward. The Board also insisted that a written letter be sent to the FAA “within the next few days” asking if they would even consider closing the airport.

Kudos? to Gayle Uilkema for insisting on justification, and documentation, for this measure. KCBS News, Contra Costa Times and Valley Sentinel reporters were present.

There are also a significant number of other positive developments that we will be publishing in the next few days.

Say tuned.

Dianne Cole
President MDPA
Chair Friends of Concord Airport