What is a Pilot Pac? It is an independent legal entity administered by a Board of Trustees. All bookkeeping is separate from CPA and regular reports of income and disbursements are made to the California Secretary of State. All funding is received from voluntary contributions. No CPA membership dues are used for this purpose. The CPA sponsors the California Pilot Political Action Committee. CPA as a tax-exempt public benefit corporation is prohibited from engaging in any ?substantial amount? of political activity. By vote of the CPA Board of Directors on January 23, 1999, the Board of Trustees for the PAC is comprised of seven (7) members of the CPA Board of Directors. For more information please call (800)-319-5286.

Contributions should be made parable to California Pilot PAC. Send to:
California Pilot PAC
P.O. Box 6868
San Carlos, CA.

Note: California Pilot PAC contributions are not tax deductible. By state law donations of $100.00 or more require the name of your employer and your occupation. California ID 811653