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As part of a wider history research project that I began back in the early 1980s on the development and use of assisted aircrew escape systems I am compiling a comprehensive listing of all known ejections in the world, successful and unsuccessful that gives names, dates and photos of the pilot and crew. Many manufacturers have produced and tested ejection seats, escape capsules and rocket extraction systems some going back pre-World War One, including Vickers, ML viation, Martin-Baker, Folland, Saab, Heinkel, Dornier, Focke-Wulf, Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Yakovlev, Zvedza, VZLU, Douglas, North American, JALI, HAL Industries, McDonnell, Boeing, Weber, Republic, Stanley, Stencel, Lockheed, SNCASO, Vought, Northrop, Grumman, Convair, B.F. Goodrich, Goodyear, Bell as well as many others. To date I have reference to approximately 8,000 ejections using various sstems since 1942 with nearly 30 confirmed Luftwaffe ejections and another 30 possibles.

I am trying, where to personally contact ejectees or witnesses to the ejections from around the world, so that I can obtain their memories of the period prior to, during and post the ejection and a photograph of the ejectee about the period of their ejection.

Although many lists are available within published books and magazines and companies do hold records I prefer to have the permission from the ejectee, their family or relevant air or naval forces before including it in my data files. I?d also rather hear about an ejection more than once than not at all.

I would be very grateful if you or any of your colleagues who have ejected, or are relatives of ejectees, or know of ejections (such as ejection seat bay personnel) could contact me either by email or at the address below.

Sincere thanks for reading this request

Mike Bennett
Project: Get Out and Walk
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