Problems Are Brewing for Eureka's Airport

Read the letter written by CPA President Jay White to the Eureka City Manager below.


January 26, 2004

Mr. David Tyson, City Manager
City of Eureka
531 K Street
Eureka, 95501-1146

Re: Eureka Municipal Airport

Dear Mr. Tyson:

The California Pilots Association is dedicated to the preservation of California’s public airports. Such airports as the Eureka Municipal Airport are an important part of the transportation infrastructure. This airport is Eureka’s on ramp and off ramp to the nation’s aerial highways.

We are in receipt of your letter of August 18, 2003 to airport lease or permit holders. The letter states that the airport property is being considered as an alternative site for a Calpine Liquefied Natural Gas terminal. In case you do not already have the information, the City of Eureka is foreclosed by the government Quitclaim Deed from converting the airport property to that use.

The Quitclaim Deed dated December 9, 1947 is related to the Naval Auxiliary Airport & Sea Plane Base. The Quitclaim Deed contains the following language:
“… all of the property transferred hereby, hereafter in this instrument called the ‘airport’, shall be used for airport purposes, and only for such purposes…” Further, upon breach of any of the reservations or restrictions by the City, the title and right of possession shall at the option of the government revert to the government upon demand. Title to the property can be transferred only with approval of the Civil Aeronautics Administration or its successor agency (Federal Aviation Administration).

Given these clear quitclaim deed provisions, the City of Eureka cannot convert the airport property to other uses without first obtaining approval from the government through the Federal Aviation Administration. Please be advised that the California Pilots Association would oppose any such approval with all means available. We respectfully request that the City of Eureka dismiss any proposal to convert the airport property to some non airport use.

Very truly yours,

Jay C. White, President