Change is Good

Jan/Feb 2004 Airport Advocate
In the heady 80?s and 90?s, especially in the high tech world, it seemed like we couldn?t create acronyms fast enough. There was also an effort to create and use buzzwords to explain our bold new world. One word, Paradigm, was very much over used. Webster defines paradigm as: ?1. a pattern, example, or model?. Hopefully you will forgive my use of it here because it is important.

THE PARADIGM FOR THE CALIFORNIA PILOTS ASSOCIATION?S NEWSLETTER HAS CHANGED. In the past, the newsletter was created, and from it, articles were posted on the web site. The chronological order of this worked fine unless timelines became short for whatever reason. Then, often important timely information did not make it to publication, which was very unfortunate.

In this new paradigm, the exact opposite takes place. That is, the newsletter is actually created from the articles on the web site. Articles are now posted on the CPA web site on a daily basis. This change in the thought process will eliminate the short timeframe issues, which used to plague the production schedule.

More importantly, those of you with a computer and Internet access can post articles or events right on line, on the CPA web site. It?s as easy as typing. All you need to do is to visit the web site and use the ?letter to the editor? button. You type, or cut and paste, your article into the appropriate boxes and it is sent to the Editor (that would be me) for review and approval. Of course the CPA reserves the right to edit all articles for content and length.

An important point here is that you must leave your name and email address for your article or event to be considered for the web site, and the newsletter. Why do we need that information? We may have questions about what you have written, or need to contact you for additional information. This is a real benefit and opportunity for the membership of the CPA. It is easy to do, and gets your article, or event, on the web site fast, easily and on time. Try it.

THE AIRPORT ADVOCATE As you have read, the name of your newsletter has been changed. Why you may ask? To better reflect the mission of your organization. The California Pilots Association?s role is to ?Promote and Preserve California?s Airports?. Our simply put web site Mission Statement reads:
?The main mission of California Pilots Association is AIRPORT ADVOCACY to promote and preserve California?s general aviation airports. Without small and medium sized airports, our air transportation system would be crippled and our airplanes could become raw material for pots and pans?. ……. Blue Skies……….Ed