Aerial Photography Business Hurt by Disneyland TFRs

An aerial photography business that has been operating for 34 years is hurt by Temporary Flight Restrictions over Disneyland. AERIAL EYE, INC. Aerial Photographic Services

February 18, 2004

Marion Blakey, Administrator Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Ave., SW AOA-1, Room 1010 Washington, D.C. 20591

Subject: Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) Disneyland

Dear Ms. Blakey,

The unusual TFR that has been imposed around Disneyland, CA is the most ridiculous example of post 911 paranoia that still permeates this country. The horrible 911 event involved only large type aircraft, yet this semi-permanent restriction around these amusement parks applies only to light aircraft, while the airlines continue to fly over these same areas. It does not make sense! Why not a permanent restriction over real important areas like downtown Los Angeles? Can you offer any rationale for this TFR to remain?

Is the FAA playing “Toady” to congress? Please give us business and pleasure flyers a break. My 34 year old aerial photography business depends on relatively free access to almost any of this good ‘ol US’, and this “Disneyland Comedy” is more than we wish to put up with.

I wish you the best in your most difficult and complex task, but please don’t forget the “little airplane guy”.

I thank you in advance. If you ever get the time and opportunity to read this, I beg of you, please send a reply.


/s/ George T. Sandy, President