Meeting Notice for Friends of Concord Airport

Supervisor DeSaulnier will address pilots on Monday, April 12, 2004 at 6:00 pm in the old Terminal Building. The meeting was originally called for airport tenants to discuss hangar leases, however the supervisor wanted to address pilots, in response to unwavering criticism of his plan to “develop” the Buchanan Field property.

The NEW plan calls for developers to identify a credible alternate site for Buchanan Field that would produce an “equal to or better” airport, PRIOR to their submitting a proposal for development of the Buchanan Field property. If this is true, it is a significant win for our side, since there is no credible site available that meets those criteria, however it is not a victory. We must squash this proposal so it never rears its’ ugly head again.

For more information on this and other news concerning Buchanan Field, visit the website of Friends of Concord Airport Coalition “

Dianne Cole

Executive Director
Friends of Concord Airport Coalition