FAA Proposes Higher Fees At Tahoe

The FAA won’t let Lake Tahoe Airport operate the control tower part-time, but it will let the city of South Lake Tahoe raise fees charged to aircraft and limo operators, hoping to avoid a financial crunch that looms June 30th.

If the airport were to lose the tower, we could fly, we’d just start losing our safety factors. I’d like to live another shift,” said Bryan Pond, a flight nurse with Calstar, which flies 320 operations a year. She was quoted in the Tahoe Daily Tribune. Her aircraft, which falls in the category of public safety, would be exempt from an increase in landing fees. Mayor Tom Davis wants that increase, as well as a fee for limos and taxis, to go into effect June 1st.

“I think it’s distasteful how these taxis and limos are not paying access to go through the gate to the aircraft,” said Mindy Johnke of Superior Aviation, the fueling service and concierge. “People who fly are not the only ones who benefit.”

The airport commission may also approach the neighboring counties of Douglas and El Dorado for financial assistance.

“We seem to be bearing the burden,” Councilwoman Kathay Lovell said.

It would be the second rate hike at Lake Tahoe Airport in eight months. Landing fees and fuel charges went up after the city adopted its current budget.

Source: Areo-News