Torrance Airport

Torrance Airport, aka Zamperini Field, was a subject of the Torrance City Planning Commission the evening of 21 April. I had initially misunderstood the proposal to reduce the roadway leading into the airport. It was not the road into the Gen Av Ctr (GAC) that was to be reduced, but the main entrance road from the Pacific Coast Highway (I believe this was the original south boundary of the Army Airfield in WW II) leading to the entry road to the GAC. Originally known as Airport Way, it was renamed Zamperini Way to match the honor to the city?s WW II hero, Louie Zamperini. A major argument for the reduction in the road?s width was airport security. Almost each of the speakers before the commission thought that this was being used as a tool to get acceptance and not a real issue.

Barry Jay, of the Torrance Airport Assoc was first to speak and eloquently set forth the argument that the master plan had set the arrangement of Zamperini Way and the GAC so that the GAC could be seen as people came to the airport. The argument of honoring Louie Zamperini and discussion of reducing the traffic capacity of a roadway during a period when most American cities were expanding roads seemed to be the most effective presentations. I also appeared and added the CPA?s weight against the reduction of the width of Zamperini Way (the land vacated would be used by the city for revenue enhancement ? leasing to the automobile dealership at that location).

The agenda item was not passed. As a first-timer at their meeting, I failed to note the manner in which the item was categorized. I do not think it was defeated. It just was not passed. In any case, the City Council will hear the same issue on Tuesday, 27 April. They are in no way constrained by the commission?s vote.

Jack Kenton
California Pilots Assocaition

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