Redlands Municipal Airport

To: Jack Kenton
CPA VP Region 4

Hope all is well. I am going to a meeting regarding the future of the Redlands Municipal Airport this evening. From what I have seen so far, it is very positive. They are adding 500 feet to the runway to do away with the displaced threshold and various other improvements. They recently added a new hangar on the west end of the field. I’ ll give you a better report after the meeting. Banning is closing for one month. They are doing field renovations including resurfacing the runway and general sprucing up. This has been in the works since last November so June is the tentative start for improvements. Bill Cobb, Airport manager at Corona is retiring Bill has really made Corona a showpiece.

I have been working with him on the annual Corona Airfaire, of which I am chairman. He will be replaced by a gentleman named Rich, sorry I still don’t have his last name, he is a great fellow, and I hope he will follow in Bill’s footsteps regarding keeping the lines open between pilots and management. That’s it for now.

Ed Hamell