California Airport Hot Spots, June 2004

Here are California Airport Hot Spots for June 2004. Tulare Airport- The City of Tulare has approved the installation of a truck terminal 1300 feet from the end of Runway 31. Above ground fuel tanks would be included. Airport supporters have asked the California Pilots Association for legal help in preventing this safety hazard.

Watsonville Airport- Developer wants to close Runway 8-26 to permit construction of a seniors citizens facility just West of the airport.

lsbad/Palomar Airport- A large industrial project is planned under the traffic pattern.

Torrance Airport- The city is imposing an annual $50 hangar inspection fee on all hangar tenants; the city has approved use of part of the airport property for for automobile parking by a car dealer; the city is threatening sanctions against a local pilot for allegedly making too much noise during takeoff.

King City Airport- A waste recycling facility is planned near the airport. Airport supporters are concerned that the facility would attract birds that would become a hazard to aircraft in flight.

Five Airports Owned by Los Angeles County- There is a serious dispute with aircraft owner tenants over controversial terms in hangar contracts.

Apple Valley Airport – Airport supporters are concerned about the effect if the City of Apple Valley takes over operation of the airport.

Redlands Airport – The city has rezoned land to allow a sports complex and residential building under the flight pattern.