2004 National Cross Country Air Races Come to French Valley Airport, Murrieta, C

On August 28, 2004 pilots from across the US and several foreign countries will arrive at French Valley Airport to take part in the 75th Anniversary National Air Races. Three races will take place, the California 300, the 2100 Mile Marion Jayne Air race and the Cleveland 300. These handicapped speed races are open to all pilots and all piston powered aircraft. Yes, our flying legends will line up alongside our modern marvels. Pre-race activities center around French Valley from Aug 28-30. August 31, 2004, pilots will fly a non stop circular course to and from French Valley and the winners will be announced and feted that same day. This event will factor into the awarding of the coveted Marion Jayne Perpetual Trophy. Pilots competing in all three races are eligible to win the Marion Jayne trophy. Sept 1 will see the flag drop for the start of the transcontinental run….2100 mile Marion Jayne race…4 days on the course, 6 fueling stops and a mandatory overnight at Valparaiso, Indiana for a group finish at the Cleveland National Air Show. The event becomes part of the Cleveland Air Show over Labor Day weekend. Sept 5 will see the Cleveland 300 air race and Sept 6, at air show central winners will be named and receive a cash purse, trophies and awards.

For those who wish to take part and do not feel the need to compete, a Cruise option is offered. Fly the Marion Jayne air race route at Cruise power and join all the fun and excitement. Honor our history, invest in our future. Carry the flag for General Aviation by taking part in the premier cross country racing event. Take part by contacting www.us-airrace.org or 903-564-9410 soon to assure a race number.