Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Quarterly Report-Stockton Metropolitan Airport – April/May/June 2004 1. SCK is progressively working towards becoming a cargo freight hub marketing aggressively now they have a dedicated cargo apron capable of handling four large aircraft (Airbus/Boeing) simultaneously. SCK has one round trip, Monday – Saturday, with an Airbus 320 rendezvousing at SCK with a smaller cargo plane that flies round trip to Reno, NV as well as off/on loading with numerous surface vehicles. The primary contractor is Emery Freight.

2. SCK has announced they will repair the roofs on County owned hangar rows A, B & C.

3. SCK is currently making major maintenance to the ILS with the system inoperative until a projected date of 6Aug04.

4. SCK has tentatively settled a long dispute on the development of the County property to the North of the runway complex making way for future planning. The cargo ramp is part of that future development.

5. SCK has recently updated the facilities by replaced carpeting in the terminal area as well as in the airport restaurant, Top Flight Cafe.

6. Large concrete tilt-up buildings continue to dominate the immediate landscape around the SCK Airport providing an industrial/warehouse environment that primarily does not include residential development. There is residential development approximately 1/2 mile north of the main runway complex. So far, complaints of airplane noise are not noted.

7. SCK is contemplating a name change. A name that has been circulated is Stockton-San Joaquin County Regional Airport. The reason stated is to give San Joaquin County greater visibility and marketing status with the facilities. San Joaquin County owns the property and is the principal driving force behind this effort. (As the chairman of the San Joaquin County Airport Advisory Committee, I sit on the name selection board and endorse this new name)

8. The Airport Advisory Committee has decided to write a mission statement/future goals letter to the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors. As a member of that committee, I will make certain general aviation is included in this document.

9. SCK continues to pursue Airline Service networking with other airports locate in California/Nevada/Oregon/Washington.

10. SCK raised rents 10% on all County owned general aviation hangars and tie down areas. This is the second rate increase in ten years. The last was two years ago.

Just as a brief side note. We are fortunate at SCK to have an Airport Director that is General Aviation oriented. He is a pilot and former US Airforce. We’re lucky to have him.

Rick Tutt
SCK Airport Representative
Aviation Safety Counselor – Oakland FSDO