Agua Dulce Airport

Our friends at Agua Dulce Airpark are under attack. A determined small group of 20 people (perhaps they didn?t know there was an airport there when they bought their houses) is doing everything they can to shut it down. Their efforts include complaints to every known federal and state agency alleging health and safety problems and violations of various codes and laws. They have been accused of breeding mosquitoes, exterminating ?endangered species,? etc. It costs the County about $800 each time one of these law enforcement agencies comes out to investigate what seem to be baseless complaints. Agua Dulce Airpark has been a good friend to the Ninety-Nines and to general aviation with their cheap fuel, generous donations to aviation (and Ninety-Nines) fund raising events and weekend BBQs.

I expressed my support for Agua Dulce Airpark by sending an email through . I invite you to do likewise either through the web site or by sending an email to A sample support letter is attached. Agua Dulce Airpark would appreciate your support. Please feel free to circulate this email to your flying friends.

Susan Liebeler
P.O. Box 4362
Malibu, CA 90264 (e-mail)

Editor’s Note:To read the opposition’s opinion please visit . If you decide to respond, PLEASE be polite..