Palomar-McClellan Airport Neighbor's Plea

Question: What can the average citizen do to address concerns of air traffic noise?

Over the last years, my local airport, Palomar-McClellan has grown in number and type of aircraft flying over my home, workplace and community. I have utilized the county reporting forms, attended noise abatement meetings, written letters to political leaders and called the airport itself all in an effort for some relief. Apparently my home is now located under two major flight patterns. There is an average of 20 audible flights per hour beginning at 5:30am until as late as 1:30am. I’m attempting to reach out now to the humanity of the pilots themselves. As I can see from you prior editorials, this is a point of disagreement even among pilots.

For those pilots who will not characterize me as a “wacko extremist intent on closing airports”, I would kindly ask that you make every attempt to honor local “voluntary” noise abatement procedures, take advantage of non-occupied areas to achieve altitude rather than using full throttle through neighborhoods, and if you can see our back yard-you are too low and too loud. Thank you.

P.J. DeMaris